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Venetian Artisans

Arcobaleno Pigments

Arcobaleno, “Rainbow”, is a colourful world of pigments, murano glass beads, hand-tooled leather goods, paper goods and much more. You can design your own jewellery from a collection of authentic Murano glass beads, request custom book covers and leather goods. The raw materials for various crafts are also available for sale. Such a wonderful place for creative people who’d like to go home with something authentic and original all at the same time.

Location: Calle Botteghe, San Marco 3457, 30100, Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 0415236818

Sigfrido Cipolato Jewellery

Venetian workshop, just a short walk away from Rialto bridge, where Sigfrido Cipolato employs authentic 17th century techniques to craft his jewels. He is inspired by jewels, objects, and curiosities of different periods, in particular the 19th and early 20th century, that he combines with Venetian traditions, the study of different materials, and a flair for innovative designs. Thirty years of experience enabled him to master different techniques and styles, yet it is his taste and work, sometimes as long as a month, that make each of his jewels unique.

Location: Calle della Mandola, San Marco 3717, 30100, Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 041 522 8437


Giuliana Longo Hats

Since 1902 in Calle del Lovo in Venice, the Longo family has created and sold hats of all kinds: Panama hats, gondolier hats, Carnival tricorns, as well as original creations by Giuliana Longo, which are all unique as they are made entirely by hand. To create new frontiers in taste and style is the challenge Giuliana loves most. New materials and innovative models are the basis of a niche production for a worldwide clientele. Giuliana’s principle expressivity is found in her store-studio in Calle del Lovo. The excellence of Italian production merges with the special Venetian manufacture. A unique cultural education has given Giuliana a distinct expressiveness, almost as if she were transposing her life experience in her hats.

Location: Cale del Lovo, San Marco 4813, 30100, Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 041 5226454


Fonderia Artistica Valese

Since 1913 the Valese Foundry has continued the ancient craft in brass and bronze, producing high quality decorative items. The process used is the historical traditional method of sand casting: a waterfall of glowing liquid metal is poured into a mould, from which it takes its shape. The Foundry is one of the last remaining companies to use the plug moulding technique. The Foundry is also capable of reproducing items of considerable complexity such as chandeliers and antique furnishings. For those who want to furnish their homes with exclusive features there are door knockers, knobs and handles, all high quality objects produced in Venice.

Location: Calle Fiubera, San Marco 793, 30100, Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 041 5227282


Atelier Segalin Shoes

In the Atelier Segalin, the artisan Daniela Ghezzo crafts high quality custom-made footwear with passion and creativity, without abandoning tradition. Daniela has chosen to continue the ancient art of shoemaking of master craftsman Rolando Segalin. The artisan took over the atelier from the master, which she today manages in San Marco. The workshop give birth to precious creations combining historical research and creativity, materials and forms. From classic to contemporary styles, Daniela handcrafts unique Italian footwear.

Location: Calle dei Fuseri, San Marco 4365, 30100, Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 041 5222115


Mario Berta Battiloro

Mario Berta Battiloro is the last remaining craftsman in Europe who transforms gold into very thin leaves a technique so unique and difficult that it takes several years to learn. Gold leaves are used today in numerous fields, from the artistic one for the production of gold tile mosaics, to beauty with pure gold masks up to food, just think of the famous Golden Martini. A visit to Mario Berta Battiloro’s workshop will not be easily forgotten, not only because you will be truly amazed by the curious characteristics of gold, including being the most flexible of all materials, but also because the atelier, which has been operating since 1926 , is housed in a wing of the building which was the home of the great painter Titian and which the Menegazzo family has decorated with their personal touch, enriching it with doors, stairs, mirrors and decorations in precious 24 carat gold leaf!

Location: Cannaregio, 5182, 30121 Venezia, VE

Telephone: +39 041 5222802


Paolo Brandolisio

If the gondola is the symbol of Venice, its main feature is the way it is conducted, the Venetian standing rowing, and the forcola, which is its very particular type of rowlock, the object that most distinguishes it. Near Piazza San Marco, Paolo Brandolisio is one of the 3 forcolai, or producers of forcole and oars, who works in Venice, a pupil of the great Giuseppe Carli, historical master remèr to whom we owe not only to have handed down this profession to the present day , but above all to have transformed it into art. It is thanks to his genius that the forcola has become a design object, also exhibited at the MOMA in NY, and a status symbol since the luxury hotels in Venice started giving it, a miniature sculpture, to their top clients. Paolo’s workshop is a pearl that has remained unchanged since the beginning of the century, a small museum of the art of remèr and rowing, where you can listen to the truest soul of Venice, a city born and designed to be experienced by water, strictly with a wooden boat.

Location: Ramo, Calle Rota, 4725, 30122 Venezia VE

Telephone:+39 041 522 4155


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